Global Industry Outlooks

For the past eight years, Deloitte’s Financial Services Industry produced materials addressing the Top 10 issues for the coming year. Taking a new approach, we designed a high-level, cross-sector report with deeper analysis on a handful of longer- term transformative issues and four companion brochures, which considered the same issues at a more focused level by sector.

Pathways to Global Success

Developed as a companion piece to a series of studies undertaken by Deloitte in conjunction with the World Economic Forum, this study focuses on the financial services sector and defines the pathways that particular companies have chosen as they pursue globalization.

Manufacturing Practice

Deloitte’s Manufacturing Practice represents one of the companies largest business segments. We developed a broad focused overview brochure, highlighting the practice’s industry knowledge and expertise. Detailing the industry at a better-defined level, 6 industry specific qualifications brochures were also produced. Allowing for a mix of information to be included, these 6 brochures can slip into an inside pocket at the back of the overview brochure.

GFSI Annual Review

The Global Financial Services Industry examines their performance each year. They asked us to produce an annual report to share their accomplishments with their internal audience. “Our Strategy is Working” became the editorial theme, depicting the goals set the prior year, while short leaf pages highlighted the industry’s global client network told through various partners and practice leaders.


    High Cholesterol & Blood Pressure Report

    The Outcomes Research-Population Studies teams at Pfizer Pharmaceuticals asked us to create a brochure to highlight their studies in the area of high cholesterol & blood pressure. We centered the reports theme on coronary heart disease in the workforce and illustrated the key statistics as charts, to easily understand the factors that high cholesterol and blood pressure play.

    Chubb Group of Insurance Companies

    Discovering America’s Hidden Treasurers

    Chubb, the largest and most prestigious insurer of jewelry and fine arts wanted to create a communications vehicle to reach important target audiences and reinforce its Personal Lines of business. In conjunction with their sponsorship of the weekly television show, Antiques Roadshow, we created a consumer guide focusing on finding and preserving collectibles. The guide was distributed on a 13-city public relations tour and available by 800 numbers when the WGBH-TV series began.

    Center for Urban Community Service


    CUCS provides organizations nationwide with hands-on coaching, skilled technical assistance, practical training and tools to build effective housing and service programs. Although, well know in the NY metropolitan area, CUCS wanted to reinforce it’s nationwide capabilities. By highlighting various US cities our snapshots told stories of their success and scope.

    Patterson Belknap Webb & Tyler

    Continuing Legal Education Course Book

    It is of utmost importance to members of the Bar Association that attorneys maintain their professional competence by continuing their legal education throughout the period of their active practice of law. To expand their expertise and visibility Patterson Belknap established their own accredited program, presented by the firms highly experienced partners. This Continuing Legal Education (CLE) course book was developed for clients to highlight the diverse course offerings as well as satisfy credits toward NY State requirements.