Patterson Belknap Webb & Tyler

Direct Mail Announcement and Ads

Announcing the law firms #2 national placement on The American Lawyer’s A-List, for the second year in a row, we created a series of ads – placed in trade magazines – and a direct mail piece that reinforced “Once again” Patterson Belknap had won this prestigous award.

The Richmond Organization

50th Anniversary CD book

To commemorate the 50 years with songs and songwriters we designed a hard bound anniversary CD book. The book showcased the broad spectrum of recorded performances from the Richmond Organization’s diverse catalogue of songs. The preliminary pages documented the history of the company and it’s founder, highlighted lyrics of the many popular published songs and finally housed 6 music CD’s which were inserted into custom pockets at the back.

Bernstein Family

Birth Announcement

To announce the birth of their daughter, Sofia Ann, we designed a simple annoucement and note card for future correspondences.


Debut at Deloitte Invitation

“Celebrate our rare new vintage”, was the theme to announce the new Chief Advisor for Deloitte’s Insurance Industry Group. An invitation consisting of a gift of premium wine, and request to celebrate evening of fine wine, gourmet food at a dinner given at one of New Yorks premier restaurants was sent to a select group of peers.


Client Loyalty Direct Mail Campaign

Deloitte asked us to help increase attendance of “idle” strategic client subscribers in their DBreifs program. Focusing on subscribers who have attended at least one webcast we initiated a direct mail campaign, emphasizing the message “Rediscover Dbriefs Webcasts – Stay on Top”. Selecting mountaineering imagery, to support our message, we created a package which contained a booklet complete with registration instructions, an informational CD, a mini guide of upcoming webcasts and a give away carabineer key chain.

Deloitte Center for Banking Solutions

Pocket Folder/Overview Brochure

The newly created “Center” required a short overview brochure and pocket folder to hold press materials. The nautical theme was chosen to promote the idea of charting new areas.


Morning News: Next Edition

Hosted by The New York Times and sponsored by Deloitte & Touche we developed a four-part breakfast-with-discussion series, named “Morning News: Next Edition”. The program presented leading thinkers whose ideas and insights would open new windows onto the future of the financial services industry. The programs name, key topics, speaker selection, and marketing materials were all produced as a part of this series.

Morning News: Next Edition

The marketing materials consisted of the overview brochure, speaker brochures and programs; all neatly carried in a small folder.  An executive briefing containing highlights from each of the discussions were sent to a select group of senior executives and attendees after each program.